XI-XII Board

XI-XII Board : Pillar of Basics

Every Tall Building has a deep root pillars of iron Columns to Build the Strong foundation of long storey building. Like wise We at Sharda Classes believes that XI-XII Board is the iron columns of any competitive exam whether IIT, JEE or NEET is concerned. XI-XII Board simply implies Text Book. Text Book refers to the strong basics of entrance exams. So in order to build conceptual Building we take students to the corners of the text book , making each and every term elaborative with proper explanation and understanding.

Sharda Classes has taken the initiative to compile students with both XI-XII Board and IIT-JEE, MHT-CET, NEET with Proper Balance of Simultaneous coaching. Students here are learnt to have focus on entrance exams Along with XI-XII Board. As XI-XII board requires the proper attention of subjective writing where as for entrance exams students here required to be focused on Objective question Marking in OMR Sheets. As Students now a days are observed to be more focused on entrance exams and so forgets to maintain the balance of XI-XII Board where they lack practice of writing. So we conduct regular exams of XI-XII Board to enhance the practice skill of writing subjective exams in students. Similarly students are provided with quality notes formulated exactly as per board pattern. Also we conduct Final Board Test Series Just Before XII board Exam. It is planned in 4 patterns where complete syllabus is distributed part wise to build their confidence level before exam. Teachers here are Pillars for Students forming the basic foundation who takes the students according to the board exam level marking the moderation method and marks implementation to each correct answer. If Students masters XI-XII Board thoroughly can show flying colours in IIT-JEE, MHT-CET, NEET, AIIMS …

We Cover every subject Physics, Chemistry, Maths, Biology including Vocational subjects like Computer Science, Electronics, Fisheries and Information Technology. It also includes the coaching of English language. So Now students need not wander For XI-XII Boards Particularly. But it is 2 year simultaneous process of teaching XI-XII Boards. Batches Starts From June.

“Progress is the activity of today and the assurance of tomorrow. “

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